It is amazing that the number of blog viewers has increased by leaps & bounds day by day and this bears ample testimony to the fact that the alumni of our schools have received the memoirs – my personal journey with the MEA / DTEA – overwhelmingly.  The blog has perhaps enabled them to recall and even re-live those unforgettable / cherishable moments of school life rather realistically.  I’m indeed moved by the comments given by innumerable number of viewers, pouring out their genuine feelings of love and respect for their teachers / alma mater.  It gives me added pleasure that, through this blog, I have been able to get re-connected with my dear students (all the way from my 1960 batch) from far & wide who have indeed expressed their sincere affection and regards for me in no uncertain terms that even energizes me after these decades!  No doubt, I feel much younger!  What surprises me most is that those who did not study directly under me have also responded in a splendid manner – that is proof enough to show that everyone passing out of the portals of MEA/DTEA dearly loves the institution and remembers the selfless service rendered by the faculty.  I wish everyone success in whatever that they do.  Those of them who are parents (or already grandparents) have a responsibility to pass on the baton to the successive generations in terms of culture, discipline and conduct.  May I convey my blessings & good wishes to everyone connected with the MEA/DTEA with long life, full of peace and happiness.



Dear all,

This series of articles is for the benefit of all those connected with the movement of the MEA/DTEA, including of course the alumni who happen to be the direct beneficiaries, who might be keen to get an insight into the history & evolution of this great institution which has stood the test of time and made a mark as a symbol of pure community effort.  It is a fact-based true story being presented from my own personal experience of my journey within the MEA/DTEA spanning quite a long period of time.  Thanks to the Internet, this blog may be viewed by thousands of people all over the world, for whom this may come across more as a serious subject than a mere pastime.  The Teachers’ Day Special was dedicated as a tribute to those teachers who laid the academic foundation in the formative years of the MEA without which the DTEA would not have attained those glorious heights in the later decades. Therefore the coverage was restricted to include only those teachers of the early times, highlighting their significant contributions. However I touched on a handful of teachers of the later times because of their outstanding service to the cause of DTEA and I wanted to acknowledge their contribution on this occasion.  I am very pleased that this article has rekindled your own memories of the many other teachers you have known and appreciated, and I understand everyone is eager to hear more about their own years in school.  From a practical standpoint, I am not sure how that could be feasible though.  This is a story from my viewpoint featuring my tenure from 1956 – 1992 and I hope the matter presented will be absorbed in the right perspective in keeping with the spirit of the series.  While I appreciate your sincere responses, let not this blog be used as an open forum for viewers to exchange casual remarks publicly, rather keep the larger interests in mind of all sections of the community.  The intent being not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, let us preserve the integrity of these articles as such, as the purpose after all is to allow everyone get an insight into the evolution of the MEA/DTEA through my journey.

S. Natarajan


Reply to comments on my first post “Me and MEA”

“A Teacher Touches Lives Forever” is adequately established in going through the feedback. Yes, I am moved by all the responses and the interest this write-up has generated, especially knowing that not everyone has actually passed through my hands while in school. I can feel the comments are sincerely meant coming straight from your heart. The love and respect you have even today (after more than 30 years) towards the institution and the teachers who have guided you through, speak volumes of the values instilled at home and the nurturing the school has provided during your formative years. Just as you are proud of the school, we too, the teachers, are more proud of you and your families for the great institution we have together built.

By visiting me personally to make this request for a DTEA write-up, Kamesh has rekindled my writing after many years. Without a second thought, I felt like honoring his request for I was struck by his good heart and the genuineness of the cause he stood for. When I sent him the article, his immediate comment, “This is as perfect as a neat theorem. LHS is equal to RHS and so QED.” brought me a loud hearty laugh. How nicely he has put it!

No doubt, it was a pleasure serving the MEA/DTEA community, but the joy of looking back is even more! While my writing may be enlightening to you all, it is definitely enriching to me to spend my time ruminating about the past, thinking of the wonderful people I have come to know, and all the little things that have made a difference. I am reliving every moment of it and am amazed at how vivid everything seems even today. Padmini and Bala shared their experiences from R. K. Puram school and the details they remember is very touching. I still cherish that special bond with my students and their parents alike. Thirumalai’s devotion to his alma mater is truly reflected in his comments and I will do my best to make this a worthwhile series, as also requested by Gopalakrishnan, Srinivasakrishnan and Ramachandran. And Suresh has said it all in one word – “delicious”! All of this is very heartening. It has been a nice medley of sentiments from different batches – a true Thanksgiving.

My best wishes & blessings are in full measure to all of you. I am confident you would carry forward this tradition of preserving our value system to your children and grand children in the years to come.


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