Teachers’ Day Special

On this day, September 5, a tribute is in order to the many excellent teachers who raised the MEA to great heights.  I would like to recognize stalwarts on the faculty of the MEA who gave their everything – heart & soul – to put MEA on top of the educational map of Delhi in the forties & fifties.  Those were the days when the CBSE used to announce the all-round toppers and subject toppers in the national dailies like the Hindustan Times & Times of India.  From among 600+ Higher Secondary schools in Delhi, it was the MEA that would snatch the FIRST position (sometimes the Second position also) and a number of subject toppers year after year.  On the day of publication of the Board results, the headlines on the front page would invariably bring out the achievements of our students, becoming the talk of the town that day in the capital.  We were unbeatable!  The entire community felt proud of itself almost every year on those occasions.

The teachers responsible for those spectacular achievements were people of commitment and dedication, who worked like a team with one goal – to make MEA the best!  The Captain of the team was of course the Principal who provided inspiration and leadership to all the members of the staff.  Shri. K. Suryanarayanan can easily be called the Architect of the MEA schools.  He was a man of parts & promise known for his administrative acumen and teaching skills.  A disciplinarian with a tough exterior & a sweet interior, he proved himself to be a great orator too which enabled him to command respect from all quarters.  The Government of India recognized his meritorious service to the community and to the cause of education by conferring the National Teacher’s Award before his retirement.  Coincidentally, the same year, the Delhi Government too chose Shri. Suryanarayanan for the State Award.  It was a double honour that he richly deserved and an occasion of huge celebration.

Shri. Suryanarayanan was instrumental in opening a number of MEA branch schools, he introduced school uniform for children, started common terminal exams for all the branches to maintain common standards of education, brought the idea of inter-transfer of teachers among the schools maintaining common seniority, and introduced the custom of Saraswati Puja in each school to bless the senior students on the day of farewell.

I have already dedicated my earlier article to pay tribute to the other two seniormost teachers, Shri. V.Subramanian and Shri. T.Rajagopalan for their exceptional contribution.  Shri. V.Subramanian was Principal of Lakshmibai Nagar school when he passed away while Shri. T.Rajagopalan retired as Principal of Pusa Road school.  All the “top 3” – KS, VS, and TR were truly the pillars of the forties – fifties that held the foundation on which the MEA / DTEA continued to soar new heights in the later decades.

Shri. N. M. Rajaram, Head of Chemistry department, was a prominent figure in the educational circles of Delhi, whom none of the IITians from MEA / DTEA can ever afford to forget – thanks to his Midas’ touch of churning out dozens of successful IIT entrants from our school.  Final year students would go to him for private help, as a matter of course, in Maths, Physics & Chemistry as he was well versed in all three subjects.  I remember, for instance, 22 students from the 1962 batch alone were selected from Lodi Estate School for IIT admission.  What a rich harvest! His students are spread all over the world who I’m sure remember him fondly.  A tall hefty figure, shabbily clad & chewing paan all the time, NMR was an intellectual giant, full of humour and a great conversationalist.  He had as his deputy, Mrs. S. Jayalakshmi, who again endeared herself to one & all by her soft voice and sound knowledge of Chemistry.  Unfortunately a widow, she came from South India and fitted elegantly into the profession of teaching Chemistry, an important science subject, to senior classes.  She was sobre by temperament and students loved her.  Mrs. Jayalakshmi eventually retired as Principal of RK Puram school after a full-term service in DTEA.  Very commendable!

My association with NMR has been very SPECIAL indeed.  We were so alike and admired each other all the way.  I’m reminded of an unforgettable episode.  One staff member was to be elected as the teachers’ representative to the Managing Committee of the MEA.  I was nominated as a candidate, besides Shri. T. Rajagopalan and Shri. N. K. Sharma.  Subsequently, TR withdrew from the contest, and to my surprise I was elected, defeating NKS.  Soon a vacancy arose for the post of a Principal and it was NMR’s turn this time.  But some forces were working against him and cases were fabricated to scuttle his promotion.  The matter came up before the Managing Committee presided over by Dr. P. S. Lokanathan who was at that time the Director General of the National Council of Applied Economic Research.  In the meeting, Principal Suryanarayanan pleaded against his promotion, but I refuted his arguments outright, though I was the youngest among all there.  Immediately the President got alerted and deferred a decision on the matter, instead expressing a desire to have a personal interview with NMR.  The interview took place and NMR got duly selected on merit.  He took over Mandir Marg school as Principal in 1963 from Shri. V.Subramanian who went on transfer to Lakshmibai nagar school nearer home.  Incidentally, those were the same years I started the Karol Bagh school in 1960, then moved to Mandir Marg school for a couple of years as they were badly in need of a strong Maths teacher for their higher secondary classes, and subsequently got deputed to open the RK Puram school in Sector IV in mid-sixties.

NMR was fond of reading and would finish any book in a single day.  As Principal, he developed a beautiful library and spent money lavishly on the purchase of latest books.  His other weakness was playing chess.  In the evenings we played table tennis and badminton in the school till 7.30 PM & walked back home together to Karolbagh.  We became the best of friends.  NMR wrote a textbook – New Age Chemistry – for higher secondary classes, which helped with IIT preparations also.  He richly deserved the State Award that was conferred on him before his retirement by the Delhi administration.

Shri.J.N.Ganju, M.A, LL.B was the Head of English dept.  He came from Kashmir.  Always nicely dressed, smart looking & fair in complexion, he would attract anyone with his slow modulated voice.  He brought in an ambience of a college atmosphere.  In the staff room, Shri. Ganju would be either preparing for his next lecture or checking students’ work.  He would openly discuss the mistakes students committed so others could benefit from it.  Although he did not know Tamil, he never felt out of place in a South Indian set up.   He adored the Principal and always strived to be in his best books and made a mark as an English teacher.  Shri. Suryanarayanan rightly chose him as his successor for the Lodi Estate school.

Shri. N.K.Sharma headed the Geography department.  He hailed from Khurja (near Aligarh).  He was a perfect gentleman, knew his subject well and had a good command over English.  Being an excellent teacher, Shri.Sharma was a good student too.  On joining the MEA, he started learning Tamil very earnestly, both reading & writing.  I was wonderstruck when he started conversing with me in Tamil in the staff room one day.  Any doubts he had in reading, he would not hesitate to approach me.  That is how our friendship started.  He had a room exclusively for Geography that was well done with exhibits, the globe, maps and other related materials, that inspired students to opt for Geography.  He exhibited great respect for authority that was worth emulating.  He was subsequently promoted as Principal of the Pusa Road school wherefrom he retired gracefully.

Shri. H.C.Shali was Head of History department.  He also hailed from Kashmir working as Inspector of schools there before joining the MEA.  A loveable personality, he would attract anybody by his kind nature.  His communicative ability was fantastic and he was very popular with students.  He organized a historical tour of Delhi every year for the benefit of class XI History students and he would ensure that I joined that tour without fail. We used to have so much fun on those trips.  Shali had a special attachment to me and was truly my friend for life.  He retired in 1973 as Principal of the RK Puram school.

The list will go on.  There were other departments and so many wonderful teachers like Badra Vratt (Hindi), S. K. K Arya (Hindi), Mary Thomas (started Biology department in Lodi Estate), Shiv Dutt Shastri (Sanskrit), P. D. Kapoor (Domestic Science), R. N. Trehan (Social Studies and English), R. Parthasarathy (Tamil), Ram Bhaj (Engineering Drawing), Dhan Raj (Physical Education), K. G. S Rao (Maths, who later became Principal of Kannada School), etc.  Though it is not my intention to leave anyone out, it is practically impossible to include everyone.  I remember and am grateful to Shri. Badra Vratt who taught Hindi to me and Mrs. Mary Thomas (from Kerala) during lunchtime as neither of us knew a word of Hindi then!  That goes to show how supportive the teachers were to one another and what a healthy learning environment that was.  The esprit de corps displayed by all the teachers was incredible!

There were other junior teachers who started coming in to take the place of the above-mentioned senior teachers as they retired or as the schools expanded.  Very competent and noteworthy, they too served the institution with utmost dedication making significant contribution to the lives of so many students.

Ms. Bhuvaneswari started the Biology department in Mandir Marg school and proved herself to be a GEM of a teacher.  She was easily the best among all Biology teachers of Delhi!  Very affectionate towards students and concerned with their career, Bhuvaneswari was responsible for producing a large number of doctors from DTEA.  She was considered the “counterpart” of Shri. N M Rajaram who produced countless number of engineers.

Shri. Darshan Kumar, a brilliant teacher made a mark in DTEA with his superb and unparalleled knowledge of Physics & Maths.  Every student loved him for his passion of teaching, a decent person and a perfect gentleman.  IIT aspirants of the latter years looked up to DK for guidance.

Shri. Hari Om, a resident of Ghaziabad, came to teach mathematics to the senior students at the Lodi estate school commuting daily.  He was thorough in his subject, very friendly with the students and earned their love and respect by his very nature.  He knew every student by name and even their brothers and sisters studying in the school.  He further knew most of the parents too by name and maintained good PR with them.  Hari Om was an asset to DTEA

Mrs. Kamala Bhuvarahan was master in her subject, very gentle, and extremely proficient with a great sense of duty.  She was one of the best English teachers I have come across.  I always admired her professional skill and eagerness to learn more.

Last but not the least, I would also like to recognize Tulsi Ram and Homi who were among our most dedicated class IV staff of those days, who loved working with us and considered it home.  The MEA certainly owes them a lot for their loyalty.

More on my later years with MEA / DTEA to follow…


27 Responses to “Teachers’ Day Special”

  1. 1 gkamesh September 5, 2008 at 2:05 am

    Dear Sir,

    The truth of the maxim “எழுத்து அறிவித்தவன் இறைவன் ஆவான்” can be so clearly seen when one gazes at this starsky of teachers of Madrasi school.

    Superlatives are not sufficient to describe this wonderful post. It is SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!! Indeed a Teachers Day special…

    Thank you for this wonderful treat.

    Pranams to all teachers!

    गुरु ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।
    गुरुस्साक्षात् परम् ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः॥

    Yours sincerely,


  2. 2 Srinivasa September 5, 2008 at 2:14 am

    Natarajan Sir,

    What a wonderful article on our teachers! It was great to read about the legendary teachers of DTEA.

    Perhaps a few words on some of the other teachers such as Sri RS Subramanian (Hindi), Miss Pattammal (Maths), G Venkataswamy ‘Shastri’ (Sanskrit) would make this amazing write up even more complete.

    Thanks and Regards,

    LN Srinivasakrishnan

  3. 3 V.Thirumalai September 5, 2008 at 2:18 am

    Dear Natarajan Sir,

    Thank You for the exceptional post on Teacher’s day. Brought back some fond memories and had an early morning walk on a nostalgic lane.

    Great reading once again sir.

    If you can give a short insight into what was the feeling of Teachers on that day generally and what difference was it making to have a special day dedicated for them it will be interesting to know. Like i don’t know of any other profession having a dedicated special day like Accountant’s day or Doctor’s day. But then no other profession is as Noble.


    Profound Respects,


  4. 4 Padmini September 5, 2008 at 2:25 am

    Dear Sir,

    How wonderful to read this post. I am touched by the warmth in your description of our so many stellar teachers. You have offered me a wonderful peek into our teachers’ lives, personalities and contributions. Several, Sri Hari Om in particular, are my mentors as I strive in my own teaching profession.

    My namaskarams to you,

    Padmini Srinivasan, DTEA Lodi Road, 1973 batch.

  5. 5 ramey September 5, 2008 at 6:20 am

    by the time you finish reading … the eyes are so full of water…

    so ever grateful to you sir…


  6. 6 Ramesh rajagopalan September 5, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    I read every word and sentence in this blog, wonderful feeling !

    I was a below average student in school and college — but somehow went to get a terminal degree in applied chemistry. I did not see Susan Abraham – chemistry teachers name and hence thought i will add to the list. In 2002 or 2003 I visited teh school and met her.

  7. 7 Jayalakshmi September 8, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    It was indeed going down the memory lane.
    A product of DTEA Pusa Road, Mrs Kamala Bhuvarahan was my English teacher in class VI. To this day, I remember a simple gesture on her part, which I found a great professional tool as a teacher (that too English) myself. When she came into the class for the first time she said, “Good morning, children, I am Mrs. Kamal Bhuvarahan. May I know your names, please.” To this day, I find the most effective gesture to build up an instant rapport with your students.
    Sir, thanks once again for the nostalgic journey.

  8. 8 Vijayalakshmi October 4, 2008 at 7:28 am

    October 4th 2008

    Dear Natarajan sir,

    It is indeed very great of you to have posted the articles about MEA/DTEA. It took me on a nostalgic journey reminding me of my prestigious alma mater. I was a student of Laxmi Bai Nagar between 1963-1965 and then later in Lodi Estate branch. I passed out in 1974 from the commerce section of the school.

    Your articles brought back my fond memories of the school. Even today I can remmeber many of my teachers – including chithi teacher, principal Subramanian of Laxmi Bai Nagar and my teachers at the Lodi Estate branch – To mention a few- Mrs. Lalitha, Mr. Krishnamurthy,Mr. Janakiraman, Mrs Anandam, Mrs Padmavathy, Mrs Padma, Mrs Rajalakshmi who was my Sanskrit teacher up to class VIII. Also Mrs Sarojini, Mrs Krishnambal and Mrs Bhuvaneswari my Tamil teacher in Higher Secondary. Even though I was not a science student I do remember the most Popular Maths teacher Mr Hari Om and Physics sir Mr Darshan Kumar.
    My last visit to the Lodi estate school was in 1992 when I went there to write my B.Ed examinations. I was happy to meet some of my teachers including my favourite Economics teacher Mrs. Santhosh.
    For the last 25 years I have dedicated myself to the noblest profession of teaching and I have been employed in one of the Indian schools in Kuwait- The school is affiliated to CBSE in New Delhi. I have been teaching Social Science for classes IX and X. All this would not have been possible without the strong foundation given by the sincere and dedicated teachers of my alma mater.
    My late father, Mr N. R. Rajagopalan who was employed in External Services Division Tamil unit of A.I.R New Delhi was closely associated with all the branches of the school. He knew most of the Principals , students and the senior teachers as lot of students used to participate in Radio programmes arranged under his guidance.
    The teachers of this great institution maintained a good rapport with their students and many of them gave a personal touch in their dealings with the students.
    Sir your mention about even the class IV employees like Homi was indeed wonderful act of thoughtfullness
    Sir, I wish you will continue to post articles about MEA/DTEA and take us down the memory lane
    Thank you once again
    Batch 1974
    Lodi Estate

  9. 9 J.Radha November 4, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    It bought me nostalgic memories of Mandir Marg,Lodhi Estate
    (1960Batch) students.So proud of the teachers.Sir,how can we forget
    Ambi Sir and Homi ,Varadhan Naidu?Its u people taught us how to respect.Hope to continue to post articles and sail us down the memory stream.Best wishes.
    196o Lodhi Batch

  10. 10 S.M. Sundaram November 9, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Dear Mr Natarajan,

    * I am bro of S.Shankar, whom you met recently.
    * Being a 1957 ( Lodhi Estate, I Batch) Product, obviously your article on ‘Teachers Day Special’ appealed to me most.
    * I lived through nostalgic moments with the great KS, VS & TR, who have indeed left indelible marks in my career, right-through.
    * There seems to be no refefence to the Physics faculty !!
    * Turning 67, the article took me back to the Quadrangles of Rdg. Road & Lodhi Estate – the Chemistry & Physics Class – Drawing Classes – PT + Volleyball matches etal……..


  11. 11 S.M. Sundaram November 10, 2008 at 3:42 pm


    Dear Mr. Natarajan,

    * Pl. allow me add an afterthouht to my remarks of y’day.

    * No annals of MEA could be complete without a mention of the venerable Shri P.H.S.Iyer who was the founder of the MEA roadshow.

    * In fact, my brother Mr S. Krishnan (I hv forwarded your Blog to him also)is from the very first Batch of MEA – 1949 /1950.

    * As he progressed from year to year, one more additional class wsas added by PHSI!!



  12. 12 gkamesh November 10, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Dear Sri Sundaram

    Sri Natarajan Sir has written about the great PHS Iyer in his very first post – “Me and MEA – A Flashback”

    Best Wishes

  13. 13 J Sundararaman December 3, 2008 at 2:32 am

    Dear Natarajan Sir

    It was very nostalgic reading a very nicely prepared write up. I was your student in 1964 when you taught us maths in class 10. I am still not able to say DTEA and prefer MEA and also i am not able to reconcile to Mandir Marg and prefer Reading Road. One name missed out by you is that of Sh David Gnanaiah who succeded Sh. K Suryanarayanan at Reading Road in 1956 when it was downgraded to a middle school. He was the Head Master from 1956 to 1960 when Sh. V Subramanian took over as principal in 1960 after Reading Road again became a Higher Secondary School. Among Class IV staff perhaps Saligram who looked after the MB School part of our School premises and the nurse got missed out.
    Recently i read you article in Vadakku Vasal on Sh KV VEnkatachalam on his birth centenary.I am based in Delhi and will call on you personally after my return to India in February 2009. ( I am currently with my children shuttling between US and Canada)


    J SUNDARARAMAN 1966 Batch Reading Road.

  14. 14 Ranganathan July 18, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    It was great reading the talk by Shri Natarajan – who was a great teacher, a pleasing personality and a friend to all students.I enjoyed his classes where he used to draw geometric figues on the blackboard with an enormous compass!

    My grandfather Shri Natarajan (known as tatha sir) was one of the founders of madrasi schools !

    But what I saw at the Mandir Marg school last year was disheartening.

    The buildings are in a very sad state. The Auditorium in front seems to be haunted.

    The school playground looks the same as it did in the 60s . During our school days we used to pick stones from the quarry to clear some play ground !

    The were also terrorizing teachers – and some had some sexual weaknesses….

    All the world is not perfect !


  15. 15 Jayashree Shivraj July 23, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Your article brought tears to my eyes- I have such fond memories of my school days.I am from Lodhi Estate ’77 batch. I was a teacher myself for 20 years; and though Physics was my main subject, I loved and excelled in Maths-all thanks to Padmavathy teacher, Krishnambal teacher and Hari Om sir. And like you said, its impossible to name all here, but each one has made me what I am today.
    I often meet students from DTEA. All of us are so proud to have been a part of this great institution.
    A very sincere thanks to all the teachers at DTEA.



  16. 16 manjula muralidharan nee ps manjula, 1969 LE September 14, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Respected Sir,
    we are always remembering you all for the teachings and the guidance given to us in the school. Particularly Sir, you, Mrs.Susan Abrahan, Koshi Sir, Hariom Sir, Krishnambal teacher, Radha teacher. We always cherish our association with you all.

  17. 17 N K Chari October 2, 2009 at 6:43 am


    It was wonderful visiting you at your home after so many years. I had sent a mail to my brother also who I see has posted a line before this. Once again I extend you an invitation to visit Kathmandu and see the glory of the last Hindu Kingdom.

    N K Chari

  18. 18 S. Ramachandran October 4, 2009 at 12:17 pm


    My respects and pranams to you.

    I applaud you on the beautiful writing and bringing back memories of the glorious past.

    We owe our due to the adminsitrative and teaching faculty. Though we did not realize at the time, only as we venture into the real world and juxtapose our learnings to our peers, do we realize how awesome all of you were.

    Through 7th grade I was at RKP and then moved to LE to graduate in 1977. I have been a silent admirer of the likes of Saraswathi teacher (in RKP), Ramachandran sir (fondly referred to as Kudumi sir) in RKP, and Mrs. Susan Thomas (Chem), Mr. Dakshin Kumar (Physics), Mrs. Ramani K. Raman (Bio) and Mr. Hari Om (Maths). Special kudos to Ms. Krishnambal who encouraged me to focus and realize my potential when I was going through an awkward and youthful stage in my life.

    I had the good fortune of meeting Krishnambal teacher two years back when I was in Delhi. Though she is having her share of physical challenges, her mind is as sharp as ever. Though I was meeting her after 30 years, it took her less than 10 seconds to recognize me by name.

    My sisters and their hsubands are all products of this wonderful institution.

    Look forward to your continued blogs.

  19. 19 sabapathy.b December 30, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    I am an alumnus of DTEA RKP. I studied in that school from 1.11.1964 ( the day the school was set up) till 1975,when I passed out.

    I was very happy to go through what natarajan sir had written about his life in MEA. Although I was not directly taught by him in the classroom, I remember an afternoon of March 1972 ( I was in class VIII then), when he entered the class on seeing all of us shouting at the top of our voices ( we used to do that whenever the teacher did not come) and on being told that our mathematics teacher ( Mrs. Dharmambal) was on leave that day, offered to take the class himself. In the next one hour, we saw mathematics being taught in a new way. We were so impressed by the way he taught, that one of the students had the cheek to tell him to ask Dharmambal teacher to take long leave, so that we can continue to learn direct from Natarajan sir!
    I personally felt that on his life at RKPuram, he should have written more about Mrs. Devadass ( Shri S.N.’s immediate predecessor in office), Rangarajan sir, Venkatakrishnan sir, meena teacher, visalakshi teacher, chandrasekaran sir, geeta (tamil) teacher.
    But as he says, it is impossible to cover every one.
    I am very proud of all my teachers who had taught me in the school and what ever i have achieved in life ( very little) is all due to their support and blessings

  20. 20 R USHA July 4, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    It was really nostalgic going through the speech.I am R.Usha as known in school 1968 batch Mandirmarg.While reading about Rajaram Sir MY EYES WERE FILLED WITH TEARS.I still remember him standing in the prayer shabbily dressed but full of intelligence on his face.I would like to mention Thavraz teacher also who was there social studies. Any of my classmates are there in this circuit .?? C.P.Ganesh? Sundaram?Pitchammal?

  21. 21 Murali Dhar May 2, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    Dear Sir

    It is a very touching article and I have also read the comments which are equally touching. Those teachers indeed are/were the pillars of the school. To add to the names are a few more teachers from DTEA Lodhi Estate, Mandir Marg and R.K.Puram especially from the Primary Department – Mrs. Savitri Padmababhan, Mrs Muthulakshmi, Mrs Kalavathy, Mrs Bhuvaneswari (all from Lodhi Rod) Mrs Saroja, Mrs Vijaya, Mrs Rajeswari, Mrs Bala Saraswathi, Mrs Lakshmi, Mrs Savitri (all from R.K.Puram), Mrs Laksmhi, Mrs Sampoornam (from Mandir Marg). All brilliant teachers.

    Whatever all of us are today is all because of them!

    Thanks to all of them.

  22. 22 Dr.S.Jagdish January 12, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    I belong to the batch which passed from Mandir marg branch of out in 1968 from DTEA [then MEA] . Mr N.M Rajaraman was our principal.The biology section was started in 1965 at Mandir Marg. We had a number of Biology teachers the longest tenure being that of Revathy teacher.Krishnaveni teacher taught Physics ,Pattammal teacher maths, Thapar sir English.What little i have achieved in life owes a lot to my teachers at MEA.

  23. 23 Vijay lakshmi lal(nee nair) September 27, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    I was so touched to read all the details of MEA(now DTEA ) schools.
    I was a 1969 batch arts student but was very happy to go through the details of our principal Dr N M Rajaram and our biology teacher Bhuwaneshwari mam.

    Thank you very much for giving all the details about out school

    Vijay lakshmi

  24. 24 S.Anand (Aasai) August 26, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    Iam a alumna of DTEA/Lodhi estate From 1982-1987
    I always remembering you all for the teachings and the guidance given to us in the school. Particularly Laxman Sir, Mrs.Laxmi Teacher, Mrs.Susan Abrahan, Prema Madam, Hariom Sir, Shanta Madam, Anandam teacher, Mrs.Usha Kiran , Hemalatha madam and Principal Madam Ramani k Raman We always cherish our association with you all.

  25. 25 Bhuvaneswari Singh December 19, 2017 at 10:53 am

    I felt quite nostalgic reading your article….felt as though I was reading the ‘history of my alma mater’ which in a way it was! I was a student of the Pusa Road school from 1970 to 1982 and am familiar with the names of a few ex-Principals though I had seen none personally or do not remember. I am waiting to read more articles about my school and it’s extremely talented teachers and Principals of the period when I was there!

  26. 26 Sunder Raman January 1, 2018 at 12:45 am

    Proud to have studied from 1st STD to 11th STD and passed out from MEA/DTEA

  27. 27 P N Narayanan (Later PNN Iyer) 1970, Lodi Estate August 24, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Dear & respected Natarajan Sir,
    Many thanks for the very good coverage of and the homage to the galaxy of stars who will forever be shining examples for others to marvel at and emulate.
    I have also read the responses to your blog by many schoolmates and I am touched by their sentiments which I share in abundant measure with them.
    It is very difficult for any public institution to maintain its rich & orthodox traditions and yet be so modern & sophisticated in its academic standards. The Teachers were very duty conscious and focused more on our learning than their routine of teaching. Many of them were very humane, innovative and went out of their way to support the not so bright.
    Typical TamBrahm values taught us the difference between integrity and honesty.
    The list of contributions to our life by our Teachers is both inexhaustible and invaluable.

    With gratitude & regards,
    P N Narayanan,
    1970, Lodi Estate.
    Cell: 9326853414
    Pune, India.

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